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Freezing Time; Budapest

(These photos are all 35mm film by Canon AE1 & Olympus Trip31)

2016 is flying by for me and it's been really great, I feel like I have been nonstop and I don't want that to stop! I have recently learnt how to develop my own film which is fab and yet I still sometimes shoot a whole role and develop a blank one. My noob mistakes continue (*facepalm*) and I hate myself for it every time. What I like about film is that it slows down the processes of photography because I forget what I've taken. It reminds of how much I have done in such a short time and I guess ground me to remember how grateful I am to do what I can with great people in my life. 

I went to Budapest with some friends in October last year and I've only just developed the images so it was a treat to find and I thought I'd share some with you. Most of the images document my friends, swimming in the baths and dancing at Szimpla bar (a must visit!!).

© Cinsy Tam


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