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Twenty One

I turn 21 in 6 months but I still have to remind myself that I am not 18, people don't lie when they say time flies by! I have changed a lot in my years (of course), I think the one thing I have learnt (very recently actually) and still trying to keep to is that not everything needs a reaction but being the slight aggressive voicer of opinions and keyboard warrior that I am, I am still learning. If theres one advice I would need to give, its definitely that. So in subject of my almost 21 years I thought i'd answer some 21 related questions ~ since I like to write about myself.

21 Facts about me:
Flowers are my one of favourite things, hello kitty is another, pink and red are my colours, but I wear a lot of black, with gold jewellery because it suits my skin tone, Dolce & Gabbana is one of my favourite designers, red lipstick is a necessity, fur coats are my current obsession, tea will forever be an addiction of mine, mangos are so yummy but bad for my skin, shepherds pie is my favourite home food, apple strudel is my favourite desert, I can't cook at all (not housewife material, apologies), I am an insomniac, I hope to always live a freelance lifestyle, I'm not maternal; I'm pretty sure I don't want children, I am the classic stupid girl because I like 'bad boyz,' I believe in horoscopes, Sex and the City is my favourite go to series, a few people in my life refer to me as 'princess' and i'm not going to lie, I don't hate it and lastly, I use Cinsy is Amazing as a signature mark of mine.

What do I want for my 21 year old self?
Meet new people, I realised its really important to be sociable ~ and I mean actual face to face socialising.

What do I want to achieve before I turn 21?
I would really like to get myself an internship in the summer for someone/something amazing and beneficial to me; maybe a photography magazine or for a photographer I am inspired by.

What changes or improvements do I want to make before I turn 21?
Ideally and realistically I really want to exercise more (well start exercising again lol) and I would really love myself to shoot more and create more photo series so hopefully I will post more here soon.

What do I want to start before becoming 21?
Something new, I need a new hobby! BUT I would really love to start horse riding again. I miss it so much, horse riding used to be my life!

3 investments before becoming 21?
A pair of pink Miu Miu sunglasses (but maybe for my 21st), the Viviane Sassen; in and out of fashion book and a membership at an art gallery!

Am I where I imagined I would be at 21?
Not really, but that's just being ultra critical on myself. I think as I grow I become far more critical of myself and less confident to try new things. When I was 15 and started to gain an interest in photography I thought I was the bomb and didn't care what anyone thought, I was so confident I convinced everyone else around me I was as amazing as I thought I was. I am definitely on the right path to where I want to be though.

How will I be spending my 21st?
...with a bang!


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