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On Nudity And Nakedness

The male gaze has always depicted the way we (as women) view ourselves; we focus on watching ourselves and watch ourselves being watched, we are both the surveyor and the surveyed.  We were objectified since birth and thus creating judgemental minds against each other.

We (as the world) sexualise women. We watch the media use sex as a selling point, hear men objectify women and watch women frown upon each-other. The female body being previously exploited hindered the perspective and the beauty of her sexuality in her natural state. We forbid her to feel comfortable because that empowerment she engages becomes vanity.

This series represents the nature of being nude; the pursuit of being in your own comfort and being in control of your own body. The choice is there to be nude but to be naked removes the consensual means in consequence the woman is sexualised.  

Photographer: Cinsy Tam
Model: Junnan Peng
© Cinsy Tam


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