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Rustic Hong Kong

(These photos are all 35mm film by Canon AE1 & Olympus Trip31)

People are different. The way we live, our views in whats right and wrong, our priorities, the list is endless but that doesn't mean all these differences doesn't blend well and I think many of us forget that.

There are two different types of people in the world that I want to talk about; those who live a rougher, unpolished and what could be considered a more real way of living and those who live life in luxury, those who are guarded by trouble and to the other type, a life that seems so glamorous in comparison. It's not even about class because essentially both people can have equal assets except they both frown upon each other like one is too low and one is too high. Why do we have it strummed in our heads that one may not be good enough for the other or that one is far better off without the other when ultimately you both might understand each other and click well together.

I've learnt that we live in a judgemental world, we place each other in a class by first judgement and from then decide whether we develop the relationship further. I do it for sure, but I'm trying not to because I have come to realise that I have met people with the most interesting lives and stories to tell by people who I would never consider ever being friends with. Mixing with different types of people has given me a different look to living, to people, to my priorities, it's given me almost a new language.

I think these photos from Hong Kong show a different outlook to how people automatically view HK but actually, this is how I view HK. I look forward to dining outside, washing up our own bowls and chopsticks and haggling down prices along with shopping in amazingly huge shopping centres, dining in grand restaurants with beautiful views and swimming in outdoor pools on the 15th floor of the apartment. I talk about these two different types of lifestyles but I wouldn't class myself as either. I have friends in both and I fit into both, don't be so eager to throw people away because who knows, you may have thrown away somebody who is very fitting for you.

© Cinsy Tam


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