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Chile; una máquina del tiempo

(These photos are all 35mm film by Contax T2, Canon AE1 & Olympus Trip31)  Location: Puerto Varas / Orsono, South Chile

The idea of 'one of a kind' is something so special and glamorous but when buying in Orsono it literally is one of a kind without the glamorised allure. I must admit, I do love a good charity shop and boot sale rummage so to shop in a town that I guess works in that kind of way is a good challenge; and when prices vary from three to ten pounds, how can you resist?!

It's crazy to see people live so differently compared to the opportunities and everything that I take advantage of in every-day life. I've said it in my previous entry already but visiting Orsono really is like taking a time machine to the past and it has reminded me how lucky I am for everything I have. I am jealous of the wooden houses in the south, there is so much character and individuality in these colourful architectures and I will never forget how breathtaking the views are in South Chile. The lifestyle in the south is so relaxed and peaceful, its calm and its beautiful.


© Photographs by Cinsy Tam and Pepo Fernandez


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  1. We should of scanned a couple at a higher resolution: regardlessly, lovely photos. xx