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A Brief Introduction to Chile!

I recently visited Chile for two weeks as I visited my friend Pepo who chauffeured me around and was my personal translator.  It's very hard to tell you about my time in Chile all in one entry, so whilst I wait for my photos to be developed I will briefly write to you about my stay and show you a few of my favourite pics / give you an Instagram update.
Throughout my holiday I was asked by many people what I thought of Chile and even now I don't  know how to answer that question. I feel like I got a real feel of Chile as Pepo showed me around, therefore everything I did was not classically touristic (which I love because now I feel that I have experienced real Chile). I only visited for two weeks but it felt like a month and in those two weeks I flew to the South; to a very small town called Orsono, drove to another town by the seaside called Puerto Varas where we stayed in a five star hotel facing the water. We shopped in many second hand/vintage stores where I found myself a Burberry coat for £8 and a few other garments, I ended up spending my last week worrying about how to bring everything back. I managed to visit a David Lachapelle exhibition which was pretty amazing to see his work in print and attended a fashion show which was held on the third floor of a shopping mall car park. I managed to have the opportunity to photograph in Chile too (photos to follow) and I assisted Pepo (who is also a photographer) on his shoot which was shot in a casino. On my last day I too was photographed by one of Pepo's best friends and the photos came out so cool (again, photos to follow). One of my favourite things in Chile was that I managed to meet up with my best friend Mary, who is currently travelling South America. I hadn't seen her in seven months so it really was one of the best feelings to see her and catch up after so long.
What do I think of Chile? I think the Chileans are the nicest people I have ever yet met, I have made some friends there that I hope to see again soon, I shall be moving back to London soon where I'll be living with two Chileans; one being Pepo and Josefa who is the sweetest girl I have ever met. I think Chile itself is a very weird place, the architecture is mismatched and in some places it was unusual seeing how some people live, it was like going through a time machine to the past. Chile has a very strong line between the poor and the rich, there was no in-between seen during my stay. For example I remember driving past two young boys throwing a ball between each other outside their house, when do you EVER see children 'play' outside anymore?
Seeing mountains with snow on their tops is one of the most beautiful things but I am so disappointed I didn't manage to visit the top of one or even get a good photo of them. Santiago (where I stayed) is extremely hilly and the views are really something, it is breathtaking!
It has been a great experience in Chile but the one thing I missed was seeing is the moon. Seriously, they have such beautiful views and yet I rarely ever saw the moon, I think out of my whole stay I only saw the moon four times and that is a deal breaker for me. I would recommend visiting because being in Chile is a weird experience and after my visit I really appreciate everything much more. I plan to visit the north next!

See you again soon Chile!
© Cinsy Tam


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