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Freezing Time; Summer pt1

I recently got back into photographing with film again. After moving back home in Essex I felt that there were nothing to photograph, except there is... my life! I saw a quote on Tumblr where it criticised how this generation is so focused on photographing every moment in our lives and not actually 'living in the moment' and there is a saying 'photo, or it never happened' like we have to prove to people what we do but I take it all positively, maybe that's just the photographer side of me talking but I have gotten myself back into photographing especially in film because I want to document my life, I want all the photos so now you'll find me carrying at least one of my many cameras everywhere I go. I also find that doing this has really improved my way of seeing as a photographer, documentary is something I find so hard to do but I enjoy it.

These set of images above document only a snippet of my last few weeks, they mostly consist of going out, 5am walks in town, the morning after and those really meaningless moments that mean something to me. For me, Summer is my favourite time of the year. Pink skies, long days and I always create the best memories during Summer. I like to think that all these memories I share, are with people that will see me grow and in five, ten, twenty years time we can still reminisce about everything that's happening now cause that's the thing with me, I am a very nostalgic person. I will soon have so much more to show as to me, my Summer and travels have only just started (currently writing this on the plane to Chile) but so far you'll see my drunk friends, the inappropriate photo of myself and my best friend Kyran at A&E after I fainted at the pub and photos that I documented from what I saw and how I saw things.

The camera I used for these images was my mums first ever camera that I dug out, they're all either blurry or out of focus but the more I look at them, the more I like it. Everything that happened was out of focus and was a blur, it all happened so fast and I loved every moment of it. I wish I could freeze time. This is my way of freezing time.

© Cinsy Tam


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