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It Gives Me Edge

I had my septum pierced back in November, its been 10 months since I have had it now and I do not regret it one bit! I had wanted one for quite a long time but it was quite an extreme thing for me at the time so I always held off the idea (plus I didn't really think I was brave enough to go through the pain), on the day I had it done it was quite an impulsive decision as my friend text me to say we were going to get our septum's pierced there and then ...and so we did. It's good because I didn't really have time to think about it and I'm glad as I probably thought about having my septum pierced for a good month but I just kept leaving it longer and longer.

My piercing is definitely a good conversation starter and it always starts with did it hurt? Cause that's what everyone wants to know really isn't it. 
Yes, it hurt like a bitch. There is no way to describe the pain because it was literally like having a needle slowly going through the middle of your nose and it made my eyes water so much but once the piercing was in, everything was fine. It's all a very quick process, I was in and out of the shop within 10 minutes. Funny story, so for the rest of that day I felt like I couldn't talk properly because moving my top lip would move my piercing and it was such a weird feeling, for the rest of that day I looked so silly trying to talk. I mean try string a sentence without moving your top lip! I have only just changed my piercing to a small gold ring (photos on my instagram), it took me a while to change as my body doesn't heal well with piercings at all. I still clean my piercing every so often, either with warm salt water or solution from the piercing shops.

It wasn't until I went to university where I felt that I looked so plain, if that was even a suitable word for me but I did feel like I needed some kind of change. Being called cute was a constant thing for me and I hated it, there is nothing about me that is cute so it's all just a generic, slightly racist assumption really. After having my piercing, it has removed me from that category and I am so grateful. I like to think I stand out with it and it most definitely, gives me edge.
If you're thinking about getting yours pierced, I'd say just do it. There will always be people who don't like it but a majority of people warm up to it and as long as you like it, then who cares! I have had so many compliments from my piercing, I love it so much!



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