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Not a Teen Anymore

I have been meaning to come to Sketch for such a long time now, so spending my birthday there with my friends and family was such a treat!
I love the current designs and artwork by David Shringley, after changing the interior from Martin Creeds mismatch furniture and tableware The Gallery has now been transformed to all pink everything, pink velvet seats/booth with walls covered in framed David Shringley illustrations all with a slight touch of humour. The infamous pod toilets were as expected and forest noises and crickets sounds play whilst you pee so no one can hear you, genius.
Afternoon tea is so much fun, tea and cakes and a non alcoholic cocktail for me was delish! 
Sketch really is a true artists playground and a museum for all.

I am wearing a dress by ASOS, shoes from Zara and bag by MayraFedane

© Cinsy Tam
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1 comment:

  1. Such an awesome post, you really brought Sketch to life! One of my fave places! If you don't mind me asking, what lens did you use? Please reply to I'm in love with the photos!

    Taiba x