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The Entrance of my Future Home

I moved back home to Essex for the Summer and since my school year is over, I finally had time to focus on searching for a flat to live in London for the next couple of years whilst I am studying. These photos were taken in my uni room and I think these are the only photos that I have. It was a very pink and white, girly room, I loved it. I lived seven floors up and I had the perfect view of the sunset, thats what I miss the most.
I have been looking for a three bed flat which I will be sharing with my closest friend that I have made in London, Pepo and his friend Josefa. You'll learn that I have a huge attraction towards anyone who has even the slightest relevance to Spain or any Latino's in general and both Pepo and Josefa are from Chile (so its quite a coincidence)! We're all creative, fashion students and that excites me so much; both myself and Pepo are photographers and Josefa is a make up artist. 

I have had the busiest two days that feels like a week! Tuesday night I finally got around to searching for flats and houses that were available and sent out billions of emails asking for the agents to call me (this was around 3am), and being such a night owl and a heavy sleeper I woke up to 25 new emails, 20 missed calls and 10 text messages. I ended up travelling straight to London (unplanned) to visit flats one after another from Wednesday through to Thursday night with Pepo. By Thursday 5pm after travelling all around London and visiting flats one after another, and being told how much we're going to 'love this flat' and each time it just wasn't the one, I then received a phone call from an agent asking where we were. I had so many bookings and agents calling me that I must've just forgotten to write this one appointment in my diary. Both myself and Pepo were going to cancel the viewing as we were just so drained from the day however the agent insisted that we see this flat, even saying 'look I'll stay after closing time at the office and I'll take you to the flat' I guess because we haven't found the one house that we fell in love with, we thought it wouldn't hurt to see it and if anything, that we should. We were looking for a flat with great space and most importantly great natural light. After taking a very long one hour bus journey to Fulham to meet the agent at the office, he drove us to the house. The whole time I was trying to remember my phone call and the booking with this agent but I just really couldn't remember, I felt so bad because he has been trying so hard to get us to view this flat and he was so nice (even after I admitted to him I didn't remember our phone call at all). 

We were so tired and hungry that we didn't actually have the energy to view the house so we were more or less just there to keep the agent happy and give him a shot I guess. We park up in our own parking space (hypothetically that is) and we dragged ourselves up three or four sets of stairs after using the fob to let us into the building and reaching the top floor and walking through the front door I found myself in the entrance of my future home. 
The flat was completely refurbished and currently empty without furniture; think white walls, laminate flooring, big square windows and high ceilings. This flat is any creatives haven, we finally found a place that had equal sized double bedrooms and it was like being given a blank canvas. We were suddenly so awake, so inspired and so excited, so we made an offer on the day, met the landlord the next day and paid the deposit that evening.

I am crazily excited to move in, this is the start of something absolutely amazing!

~ Cinsy ~

Photos by Sayuri Standing
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