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Cute on the Outside

Embracing my inner Carrie Bradshaw from my favourite ever TV Series, Sex and the City (RIP)
This colour pallet is everything I adore, I love cutesy things so much except my personality says otherwise; in fact it's kind of a pet hate of mine when people call me cute.
You'll usually find me in flowy pieces rather than a tight fit outfit as I find that they fit my figure better giving me a better shape plus I feel 100% more comfortable in them but I guess it all comes down to how I feel and the occasion. I am currently in love with this outfit, its cute on the outside.

I am wearing my very own handmade tulle tutu with a nude cami top from Forever 21, followed by beautiful shoes from Venilla Suite (Hong Kong) and both my necklace and bag are from MayraFedane.

Photographs by Cinsy Tam
Make up by Ed Mellor
© Cinsy Tam
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