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First Year is Over

I cannot believe how quick its all been, although I guess technically my year was only about six months because my breaks after each term were one month each time. Crazy isn't it?!  So after not using the photos of Chloe and Rowan, these were some of my final images that I shot; the shoot was extremely last minute and everything that could go wrong did, but it all pulled together because I worked with a great team and had an amazing model that I could not be any more grateful for! Ruth not only looks amazing, but she has also been amazing to me with all my last minute messages, plans and travelling here and there.

I realised I haven't showcased any of my fashion work on here yet, so I guess this is the start, this is the style of photography that I usually shoot. I'm currently in a search to find my style in photography at the moment as I feel like I haven't found myself in it yet. By that I mean my niche, a colour pallet, an aesthetic, all those kind of things so that when you see my images you know it was shot by me!

Photographer: Cinsy Tam
Model: Ruth Steele
Hair and Make up: Ellie Hales
Designer: Rachel O'Mahony

© Cinsy Tam

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