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Black to blonde

Every so often I really crave a change, I get so bored of doing the same things and lately it was of the way I looked! I love to stand out and I think most of all I hope to be remembered as somewhat stylish. Throughout the whole of April I really wanted to change something about my hair; last year I went from super long locks that was down to my waist to a short bob just touching my shoulders and two weeks ago I had a thought of going blonde! 
The way I saw it was if I don't do it now, I can't do it when I'm older. 

I was so bloody excited to have my hair done, I didn't really have an idea of how my hair was going to turn out to be honest but I had full faith in Adrian, my hairdresser! The salon I went to was Pierre & James in Southend; I have been returning back to the same salon and hairdresser for a few years now and I don't think I could ever change salons. The best advice I can give regarding your hair is to find a hairdresser and salon you love and know, try to avoid chain salon's as they work in such a fast pace environment you don't really get the full attention you need. Plus I get along with Adrian so well, so he knows both myself and my hair... and I get endless amounts of tea which is never a bad idea. Of course I had to bring my camera along to document the process, take plenty of selfies and then took some shots in the studio too...

I was advised to keep the length on my hair as it would look lighter and blend better with longer hair and I decided to not have my roots blonde too as it would be such a pain to constantly re-dye my roots so I opted for the ombré/balayage look! Both myself and Adrian are so impressed and actually quite shocked with the condition of my hair afterwards as it is still very strong and is very light. The one thing I am thankful for is the fact that I have only ever dyed my hair once which was a long time ago and the reason my hair didn't turn ginger was because it was bleached on virgin hair. I plan to go lighter eventually but at the moment I am in love with my new hair. I was stuck between whether I wanted an ashy coloured blonde or a warmer tone, but as it was the first time I bleached my hair Adrian suggested it would be better for it to have a warmer tone as it is easier to reach first; at home I use purple conditioner to reduce the yellow tones in the blonde. When it's wet it turns into this coppery bronze colour too so I feel a wet look shoot idea coming on! 

Here's a before and After picture from when I had my hair cut into a bob  (I look like two different people)
During four and a half hours I had my hair bleached twice and toned, cut and blow dried. It's not often that I go to the hairdressers but every time I pay a visit to Pierre & James I always walk out feeling pampered, strutting down the high street feeling like the prettiest girl in the world! Along with providing a friendly and relaxed experience Pierre & James also offer hair extensions and hair styling services, beauty treatments and more, find out more and contact them here:
Tel: 01702 330707

Love Cinsy xo
© Cinsy Tam

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