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Accidental Double Exposure

I started 2015 in New York, it was an amazing start to the year. I brought my analog camera along with me too but the silly analog noob that I am, I accidentally mixed up all my rolls of film and couldn't remember what ones were used or not, as again (noob moment) I didn't roll my finished films up all the way to the end!!
 I started shooting film around that time so I hadn't ever shot or was interested in shooting film until I uni made me do it and now I love it! I love the anticipation and the wait to see how my images turned out. Shooting on film has made me value each shot that I take more as compared to digital I can shoot endless amounts and it doesn't cost me anything but time. Whereas film, every shot is costly. I only recently developed my films and these were my outcome, my 'accidental double exposures'. 

The photos vary from New York, London, Brighton and my brother sleeping. 
Love Cinsy xo
© Cinsy Tam 

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