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The Beginning

Welcome to the beginning of my new blog! I tend to write a lot and I guess first posts are always awkward so lets try start off with my life story in a space of 500 words!
I come from a very grounded background. My childhood consisted of playing outside on the streets, knocking on friends doors asking if they wanted to come out and play, having water gun fights in the summer with my brother and my cousin and telling them I have a tummy ache so I didn't lose. I was a 'do it all' type of girl and I thank my mum so much for allowing me to do what I wanted. It varied from playing tennis to ice skating, trampolining to horse riding. It's just me, my mum and my younger brother and I love us, so much!
I wanted to be everything; I could not wait til I was older, started working and earning money. I knew what I wanted to do and be at a very early age. I think I must've been 15 or 16 when I found my interest in photography. I now study at London College of Fashion, i'm in my first year and I am learning so much from just being around people with the same interests as me. My views and knowledge have expanded so much, so who knows where my career will take me and what my future will hold. When I was little my life plan was to live with my many dogs and next door to my best friend. Right now when I think about it, I see myself living in a city, probably London. In an apartment with a great view and an English Bulldog. Thats what i'd love! I used to want to live in a mansion like any child would, but now I know how much cleaning that would consist of, I don't think I could do it. I'm too lazy, i'm sorry! Currently right now, I travel back and forth from Essex and London and I love the change up otherwise I get too bored.
The great internet was introduced to me later than most people, I was so happy with playing The Sims that the internet was irrelevant. But now, I don't think I could live without it! I am a huge social networker. Constantly on my phone; tweeting, tumblring and instagramming. I am obsessed with it all! I guess thats where my interest in fashion came from and well blogging too. I have been trying to make myself photograph much more; to photograph the things, people and places in my life. I used to want to be defined as a fashion photographer but I want to stray away from being so specific. I have also fallen in love with photographing with film which I never thought I would ever enjoy. I am really excited to get my blog started and up and running as I plan to have lots of photos to show you. Besides photography and fashion i'll be writing about everything else that happens in my life and the places I visit, so I guess I can be classed as a lifestyle blogger and photographer.

Why I think it would be interesting for others to read about my life, I don’t know but I hope it does interest you and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I tend to write a lot but I plan to share many of my photos that I take with both my digital and film camera which are both Canon.

Speak soon...
Cinsy x
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