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Pink Pageboy for Pierre and James

Scrolling through my instagram, I guess it's pretty clear how frequently I like to change my hair. I love a change when it comes to the way I look and I do feel that I do it the most with my hair, at the end of the day, it'll grow back! I literally cannot relate to those who cry at cutting inches off, its absurd!?

So once again, I have had the chop by my one and only go to hairdresser Adrian @ Pierre and James Salon. I had a pageboy cut in and lets just say, it wasn't my first go to idea but I was convinced to have the cut specifically for the new pictures I was shooting for the salon. I mean after all "it'll grow back" right, and my thought process was "ughh the pics will look sooo good though" so I closed my eyes and went ahead with it all. 

And you know what, the pictures dooo look soo good (if I say so myself, can I say that?)
I am proud to present these self-portraits of a modern pageboy style for Pierre & James salon.  I have also started recording my editing process as I have always said it is super satisfying to see before and after edits and who would be more critical on editing myself other than myself, so I thought I'd record a lil video of my process found below.

Hope you like my new pics!



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  1. Absolutely love the post as well as the process video. We are so keen on the pics that not enough having them in posters at the salon, we also put them on opur new website.