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Freezing Time; The Last Half of 2017

(These photos are all 35mm film by Contax T2, Olympus mju ii zoom & Olympus Trip31)

My last half of 2017. I think I took "chilling TF out" after graduation to the next level.
I was never really one to excel in education, my attention span wasn't that good in class and I guess overall, I am quite lazy BUT I knew I wanted to go to uni and the degree I got in the end was whatever, because for me it wasn't the degree itself, I wanted the experience, the knowledge and the connections. I guess graduation was the final stride for me and after that I really did want to chill out before I enter my adult-working-life.

My best friend took me to Ibiza, which I must admit was never my intention to ever visit any time soon, but it was very much necessary.
I flew to the city of love with my love and also took me to Sweden too!

I held my first joint exhibition in my beloved, gone but not forgotten Flat 23, West London, which became a success. It gave me the opportunity to step back and really look at how far I came within my photography so it was a great celebration.

I don't really have much to say in this entry to be honest, I've just been really enjoying my last half of 2017 since my last Freezing Time entry. I spent the last half of the year really developing as a person and growing and I definitely could not have done that without the closest people to me. I felt a little lost after I graduated, post graduation depression is no lie. It is super hard and I am truly grateful for those who help pull me out of that rut and realise how far I have come within myself and my photographic skills.

© Cinsy Tam


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