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Freezing Time; Half Way Through 2017

(These photos are all 35mm film by Canon AE1 & Olympus Trip31)

Leaving 2016 and entering 2017 in full flow, I have been super busy, not to mention stressed! I went to Hong Kong for 10 days after deciding to shoot in HK for my Final Major Project (FMP) for uni however FMP plans very quickly changed but that didn't result to any regrets at all - only determine my want (even more) to live in Hong Kong for at least 1 year in the near future. I met one elderly lady that was lovely enough to spend the time and chat with me. She was dressed so differently to any Chinese woman I knew or saw. Her outfit was full of mixed, bright colours and to just see any lady in a long gypsy skirt was so striking to me, because Chinese women rarely wear skirts or dresses (let alone the elderly). She told me how she had always dressed up and wore dresses ever since she was a little girl and the more I watched her the more I thought "wow I hope this is me when I am her age." She was so inspiring to see, she didn't follow the 'HK Norm' that I knew, she was had her hair dyed red, nails painted multicoloured and the greatest part of all? When I asked if I could photograph her, after several refusals she pulls out a small pink compact camera out of her pink bagguette and asked to take a photo of me. So finally we concluded to a photo for photo agreement.
This photo entry continues with behind the scene photos from A Bed of Roses, an extremely stressful 2 months in writing my dissertation for which I hope to never do again and building my FMP which focused in Southend therefore I frequently visited home during this time and during this, early 2017 I met beautiful baby Aaliyah who came into the world and I am so proud of my childhood friend Abbie who I would not wish any more than anyone for complete happiness, you are a great mum Abbie.
This entry carries on documenting my friends on nights out as per. A lot has happened in the past 7 months and it's only looking at these images that I realised that. I am excited for the rest of this Summer, my favourite time of the year. My focus right now is to work hard, because I have now graduated and officially ran out of excuses not to work.

© Cinsy Tam


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