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The Fuel Girls

The end of 2015 became a great end to the year for me as I worked on a project and teamed up with my friend Akhil, who specialises in fashion film, in making a short film for The Fuel Girls. The Fuel Girls are a sexy and the most kick-ass group of girls specialising in fire and stunt performances all over the world.

We created a short film for the girls with the intent to showcase who The Fuel Girls are and I wanted to expand on the idea of sexualising girls but by empowering their sexuality, so developing from my previous entry 'On Nudity And Nakedness' I wanted to work against the idea of how being comfortable in our own skin is perceived as vanity, so we shot The Fuel Girls in their uniform which is mainly latex and recorded the girls perform tricks as they flirt with the camera. The idea was focused on the word vixen; a vixen is a female fox, otherwise referred to as a very attractive women, I wanted to recognise fiercely beautiful sex and empower that for this project.

I am currently working on finding my style within my photography; I want to be able to have a flow and style that links all my images together but I haven't found it yet. However the one thing that I noticed and I think what brought my attention to photography in the first place is that I enjoy photographing women, I realised I like to photograph women and capture them the way I want people to see me whether that be sexy, beautiful or ethereal etc (I guess, if I can't look like the way I want, I sure as hell can produce images that portray what I want). I am a huge supporter for women to be body confident, to not shame our nudity but to empower it and these images and video of The Fuel Girls portray exactly how I want women to be, confident in their body and what they do.

I want to be a Fuel Girl. 

Photographer: Cinsy Tam
Videographer: Akhil Kanukuntla
Models: Teta, Sam & Charlotte 
Hair Stylist: Will Smith
Make Up Artist: Ellie Hales
© Cinsy Tam


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