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Self Search On The Other Side Of The World

 Black corset and silk scarf from Fabryan.

Hong Kong being apart of the British Colony makes me feel so much closer to Hong Kong; I am a British born Chinese girl. I am not fluent in Chinese and although as I grow up I have been going to Hong Kong much more frequently, I don't feel like I have a huge connection with being Chinese. I have grown up like any other english girl, I had very little Chinese friends in fact I would still say the same. It seems that even now I try to avoid my identity in being Chinese, it was never really a priority to me but as I grow up I try to embrace it all a lot more. I remember a time when I was young, I once said to my mum that it felt that I didn't know where I belonged because we're not white but I am not exactly Chinese. I stand out like a sore thumb in both England and Hong Kong. She replied to me with "you belong anywhere where you feel at home." I am British and I am Chinese but ultimately I am more British than Chinese, I hope as I grow older I embrace and learn a lot more about my culture.
There are two things that I love about these two shoots; one being that I think shooting in Hong Kong is just something else. The interior and architecture is so different compared to London, I am so glad I waited this long to shoot here because now I feel that I am at a somewhat standard to create images I can start being proud of. And my second point is that these two shoots was the first use of using my brand new camera which I purchased in Hong Kong (I upgraded from a Canon 500D to a Canon 5D MK III - although that may not mean anything to many of my readers, for me it was literally like a whole new world opened up and it made me fall in love with photography again). 

Photographer / Stylist: Cinsy Tam
Models: Eomji + Yulia @ Mission Models HK
Hair and Make up: Gloria Yong

© Cinsy Tam


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