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Hong Kong Is My Second Home


One of the many things I love about Hong Kong is the fact that I see it less and less as a holiday but more and more of a second home. Hong Kong is a favourite place of mine to travel to and if I could fly there more often I most definitely would because I wish I could see my family and friends there more often. 
These photos show a brief insight of what myself and Liberty got up to during our little trip; to me it always feels like I was never there long enough but in the two weeks we consumed as much watermelon juice, egg waffles and mango sago as possible. It was a must to visit the new Hello Kitty restaurant as Hello Kitty was the reason to how me and Liberty became friends but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the Hello Kitty Cafes. We had our nails done, smoked lots of shisha and visited Lang Kwai Fong plenty of times with my best friend Lawrence who sadly left me in the UK for HK. I managed to find some time to shoot in Hong Kong with Mission Models (photos to come) after buying my new camera in Hong Kong too. Finally you may have seen from instagram, I bought new glasses which I love so much to match my current style. To say the least, I think I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb as it's very rare for someone to have a septum in Hong Kong and I guess my style in general was very Western so I received a lot of staring. I even had a man stop his own conversation with his friend on the bus and speak to me out of shock after he realised I could speak Chinese.

Until next time Hong Kong, thank you once again for a fabulous Summer.

© Photographs by Cinsy Tam and Liberty Dye
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