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Mademoiselle Privé


When I saw photos from the preview on Vogue I was so excited to see the exhibition. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that I have already expressed how I feel about the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition and if you missed it, I said "It wasn't that good"
...and it wasn't! I am sorry to disappoint. I mean seeing the garments were beautiful of course, especially the haute couture pieces; I believe they were (haute couture) anyway cause there were almost no text anywhere or a pamphlet given that allowed us to understand what Karl was trying to show us and I think that's what frustrated me the most! I didn't feel like I came out of the exhibition feeling like I had learnt something or gained anything from it other than seeing pretty things

The one thing that I did enjoy was a short Karl Lagerfeld film featuring him of course and Geraldine Chaplin as Coco herself. The story finds Coco exploring Rue Cambon in it's current state only to be disappointed and angry at the changes of the brand which she argues with Karl but in disagreement he believes that he has created a new modernity for the brand in this generation.  I feel that more and more people agree that Karl needs to hang up his hat with Chanel and that we are all begging for a change with the brand, so I enjoyed the film because I do feel like even Karl is in denial about the brand. Enough is enough, no?

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