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Freezing Time; Summer pt2

(These photos are all 35mm film by Contax T2, Canon AE1, Olympus Trip31 & Kodak disposable camera)

Summer is over and once again it's all happened too quickly. We're back to 6pm sunsets, cold mornings and layering up as much as we can. It's horrible. this is part two of freezing my Summer! You'll see moments from my time in Hong Kong, Southend, Budapest and Chile. I was everywhere this year, I absolutely love travelling and in a way I feel like it grounds me by reminding me how lucky I am but in the end I always come home. I always think about where I'll end up and you know what, I imagine myself to always be back in Southend. It's my hometown and my life is there, I think I'll always be pulled back to it, eventually anyway. 

This Summer I have had so much fun and as always, everything has changed so much. I always see the season as a chapter itself. Since Part 1 I haven't stopped dancing my ass off with my drunk friends, I've rekindled friendships. I smoked so much shisha and tried a cigarette for the first time, invested in a brand new camera which is my absolute baby and spent a total of 52 hours on a plane this season.

Summer will always be my favourite season because there will always be a story to tell. 

© Cinsy Tam


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