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Chile; What to eat?


I am no foodie but I do love to eat and unfortunately for my body and my skin, bad food is my type of good food. I praise those who eat so clean because it's not a high priority of mine (although it probably should be). I always stick to foods that I know, i'm never really adventurous when it comes to trying new dishes but when I am travelling, I do try to eat their specialities. When I asked what Chilean dishes were I never really received a straight answer but now I get it. Maybe it's because I love meat a lot so almost every dish I had consisted of at least one piece of meat, but my impression was that Chileans were meat indulgers, just as much as I was and that's perfect to me. There are four dishes that I must rave about:

1. Sushi
There is so much sushi everywhere but it's not like sushi in London. The best way I can explain sushi in Chile is that Chileans just seem to wing it with their dishes; they add and mix so many different produce all in one little roll/dish. The best part is that it honestly tastes so utterly, mouthwateringly perfect. In the first three images above you can see a mix of different sushi rolls which include avocado, sushi, cream cheese, oh and spring onion is another one of their favourite ingredients! The second image is a picture of Gohan which is a bowl of different ingredients of your choice presented on a bed of rice, it was perfect! I highly recommend it.

2. Churrasco 
Churrasco is a barbecued steak burger, typically filled with chopped tomatoes and avocado but you can order several different types. The first image (on the bottom row) of the disgustingly, dirty, gritty burger is exactly what a chuarrasco is and boy is it good! It's so big I had to use a knife and fork to eat it (I always say its the wrong way to eat a burger, and I stand still by it), eating burgers like that is exactly why I am (one) not a vegetarian and (two) don't exactly eat healthily.

3. Completo
Completo's are very similar to churrasco's except its simply a hot dog completed with avocado, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup. It's just a must to eat and like I said... for me, bad food is good food. Oh and its extremely filling because they're quite big.

4. BBQ
I have never tasted such good beef in my life ever before. If you love your meat, especially beef then Chile really is the place to visit! It's weird to think that a BBQ is such an common meal for Chileans but only a Summer thing for the British. The thing is I am not a food critic whatsoever and I will probably eat whatever is in front of me without questioning what is in it or how it's cooked and i'm really not good at differentiating good food and bad food but I still to this day remember what the beef was like in Chile, because it was so noticeably more juicier, a stronger flavour and so much more tender than any beef I have ever had before.

Another thing about Chileans is that they love to serve everything with salad and i'm talking a separate plate each for salad, and avocados too! Lastly, the South of Chile have very German influenced ways of living and thank god because there is a raspberry and cream type crumble called kuchen (which actually translates cake, but is just one type of cake in Chile) that is an absolute dream to eat and I definitely made the most of eating as much kuchen as I could throughout my holiday. 
I think the food is one of the things I miss most about Chile!



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