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God Jul, A Swedish Christmas

(These photos are all digital, shot with Canon 5D mk|||)
 Location: Lidsköping, Sweden 

Pink skies are my favourite kind of skies, but maybe thats just stating the obvious since I am so pink orientated. I don't even know how so much pink accumulated around me. But it makes me happy. Actually, I don't even think that its just pink skies that make me happy, watching the sky just puts a smile on my face. I used to go to the beach at midnight with one of my oldest and closest friends, Mary, to watch the stars and feel completely at peace. I miss doing that. Nature itself is just truly warming to me, I mean don't get me wrong I cant go camping like I used to or get filthy dirty in the fields at the stables but taking some time out of my technological-princess-city driven lifestyle and being back in Lidköping with all the beautiful skies and nature again was incredibly fulfilling.

© Cinsy Tam
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