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Best of 2017!




I remember writing my “Best of 2016!” entry so clearly and being so proud of myself for what I felt I had achieved, and I ended it with something like “I can’t wait for 2017, because it can only get better.” I mean, how pretentious do I wanna be? So here I am presenting my Best of 2017.  Better than 2016? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I went through a photographic crisis this year and probably still in it, and as I am sure many creatives can agree, it’s something really common when it comes to our work. Questioning whether we’re good enough or trying to find inspiration but finding that the more we search, the harder it is to find. I think it’s clear in my portfolio from last year that I had a certain style, which I feel I still do have; I create very clean but controlled messy images, does that even make sense?
For my final project at uni this year, I created a body of work that really tested myself as a photographer because I pulled away from the classically beautiful portraits I shot. I focused on a subject of young teenage girls, aged 13 - 17 in my hometown Southend-on-sea and merged the styles of documentary and portraiture together. 
It’s a new style of photographic imagery that I am starting to explore. After being told by several people I admire that this is the route I should consider taking I have finally decided to make that jump and go ahead with trying it out. I think what pushed me to go ahead with this decision is well, my previous work is not that memorable, beautiful yes (humbly claiming), but forgetful. It’s something that everyone else is doing and that's not how I want my work to be known as. 
It is scary, I haven’t fully embraced it yet but I have nothing to lose and I think this is something to be proud of for 2017, more from this year include shooting faces that I have had my eyes on for a while, working with top agencies and becoming an in-house photographer for a short while, shooting at The Ritz hotel and most of all, publishing my first book. 

Lastly, something I have avoided for a long while is creating a website for myself because I never felt that it was super necessary HOWEVER, it's existence is official: 


© Cinsy Tam 


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