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Strolling in The Old Town

Marija Zaric @ Star System Montenegro

Marija was one of the first models I shot during my visit in Montenegro; after being told that some of the models I would shoot may not know English or to have never even shot before, I was definitely anxious to say the least but she was such a great model to start off with. Marija has travelled with modelling and speaks perfect english, not to mention her fun and bubbly personality making everything all so easy. She was soo much fun!

Random fact I learnt from Montenegro: their alphabet doesn't have the letter 'Y' and when the letters 'C' and 'I' are together, it's pronounced 'CH' - so really my name is a real tease to Montenegrins because it would be pronounced 'Chinsy', which to be fair isnt a first. I also asked how they would spell my name and apparently it would have been spelt like 'Sinsi'

© Cinsy Tam


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